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Thread: Has anyone broken out in hives from moremilkplus?

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    Default Has anyone broken out in hives from moremilkplus?

    I have a 7 week old son, whom I have been determined to breastfeed from day one. Unfortunately, I have had one challenge after another, yet I am not willing to give up.

    First, I was hospitalized a few days after I gave birth due to some health issues and that may have affected my initial milk supply because I didn't get to pump or nurse for a few days while I was hospitalized (I nursed from birth to the fourth day). Second, once I did breastfeed at home, I had an ineffective nurser who always fell asleep at the breast, so I relied heavily on pumping after sessions to empty my breasts and stimulate more milk production. Since then, there was a slight improvement.

    Soon after adding herbs to my regime, including mother's milk plus and goat's rue from Motherlove, I noticed a big difference in my milk supply, and as you can imagine I was thrilled. I also added alfalfa to further enhance my supply. A week and a half later, I broke out in hives all over my body and had to go to the emergency room because my throat felt like it was closing up. I was prescribed prednisone and benadryl every 6 hours and sent home. Now that I have been on the benadrly, although I tried to avoid taking it, I noticed a drop in my milk supply. I know this is common, but I have no other choice to take it, otherwise my breakouts are so severe.

    Has anyone else had a similiar reaction to these herbs? I have continued to take the mother's milk plus and goat's rue because I was on it for a week and a half with no allergic reaction, but stopped the alfalfa as I started that only a day or so before the breakout. I am still suffering with the hives but they appear on different areas of the body so I am hoping that this is a case of the hives getting worse before it gets better which from what I understand may be the norm. At this point, I may have no other choice other than to stop both all the herbs as I am not getting better, which will only exacerbate the supply issue.

    My biggest challenge and frustration is the drop in the milk supply. I feel so distraught and depressed that all the hard work and progress I've made has now been for naught. Just when I felt as though I was getting the hang of things, and for once, felt that all the hard work paid off (research, pumping, supplements, etc.) and that my son finally seems satisfied, I am given this curve ball.

    Please, any help or suggestions would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Has anyone broken out in hives from moremilkplus?

    did you have any drugs during the birth?
    They could have been the cause of your hives.

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    Default Re: Has anyone broken out in hives from moremilkplus?

    No meds other than the epidural during the c-section, as well as the pitocin.

    My doctor thinks it's definitely the herbs so I am off all herbs for now, and am allowing the baby to nurse as frequently as he likes as well as pumping to increase supply.

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