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Thread: Baby pulling at nipple

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    Unhappy Baby pulling at nipple

    This is my first post -- hope someone can help! My 4 1/2 month old has been pulling my nipple with her mouth for the past 3 weeks. She is still sucking and getting enough milk but keeps pulling as she is feeding. She isn't biting (no teeth yet). I have tried pulling her closer, trying to get her mouth to cover more of the areola but she keeps pulling away. Both my nipples are sore and I am dreading every feeding.

    Any advice/experiences?

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    My 4 month old has been doing the same thing. She pulls at my nipple with her gums clamped down. When I say "no bite" and unlatch her she looks at me mischeviously! In my Leche meeting the leader said to just keep saying "no bite" and unlatching her with my pinky every time she bites down like that, and eventually she'll get sick of the same old reaction and stop doing it. She said 3-4 months old is a critical time to establish nursing etiquette. Emma has still been doing it since I started the whole "no bite" and unlatch thing, but hopefully she'll learn soon that it's not funny!

    I don't necessarily think she does it to get a rise out of me, I think maybe she's just so distracted by her surroundings that she forgets she's nursing and bites down without thinking about it...
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    Default Re: Baby pulling at nipple

    I've been dealing with this as well (LO is 4.5 months). I get big smiles when she clamps down and pulls off. It's hard not reacting with laughter when she's so happy and grinning ear to ear, but we're getting better.
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    Same here, my 3 1\2 mo. old stinker wants to stay latched and look around, stretch a little, pull my nipple all around. I was also instructed like PP to unlatch then relatch. Someone also told me once to hold up a toy while nursing to keep their attention. I've never tried that though.

    I keep hearing that it should stop. Lets hope!!! I had to bust out the Lansinoh ointment the other day. Haven't used that stuff in a while.
    for over a year now!!!

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    It must be a phase at their age since all our babies are around the same age. And yes, I have to hold in the laughter too when she does it because she just looks so mischevious! I can tell she is VERY amused by the situation, lol.
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    Default Re: Baby pulling at nipple

    My son did this and also bit me. I told him "No Biting" and put him down immediately for like a couple of minutes and he finally got the hint. Good luck mama and keep up the good work.
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