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Thread: OAL without oversupply?

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    Default OAL without oversupply?

    Here's a weird question: Is it possible to have overactive letdown that makes baby gulp/sputter/choke without actually having too much milk? I swear that's where I'm at. My LO is 8 weeks old.

    During daytime feedings, I lean way back and put him on top of me to help him deal with my letdown, and I sometimes take him right off and hand express a little to help him out as well. I have to take him off and burp him frequently, or he gets a ton of gas and is miserable. He kind of loses the seal his lips have on my breast during the letdown as well, if that makes sense. Makes a kissing noise or click with each suck. I thought at first it was his tongue clicking, but it's his lips.

    I was starting to do a little short block feeding earlier this week, thinking that my problem was oversupply, but he usually wasn't satisfied with just one side, and the past couple of evenings, he's just nursed and nursed and nursed and not really seemed satisfied. Now I'm thinking of making a bowl of oatmeal, when I had been convinced I had oversupply issues.

    I do think we may be in the middle of a growth spurt. Oh and he was also refluxing some before I sorted out the OAL stuff, but that seems to be getting better. I'm so confused!

    BTW, I'm new to these forums, but not to breastfeeding or LLL. I'm bfing baby #3 also have two girls, 7 and 5, and I've been an LLL member since I was pregnant with the first! ;0)

    ETA: I don't spray milk during a letdown, BTW. I used to with DD2, but not now. Maybe it's not OAL, just that he has problems keeping up with a normal letdown because he's young? One more thing: no green or frothy poops here. He just pooped for the first time in 13 days (!) and though it was amazingly abundant, it was totally normal. Thoughts?
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    Default Re: OAL without oversupply?

    I have a friend who I was talking to the other day and we were sharing breastfeeding techniques etc.
    We are both on pretty rigid schedules, so our milk supply is FINALLY settled down. However, when the baby wakes up in the morning, she pumps a bit from each breast before she feeds her baby. I think it's an excellent idea!

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    Default Re: OAL without oversupply?

    After months of OS, my supply is right where it needs to be, but we still have OALD. I don't spray anymore, but I do drip from the breast if she pops off.

    We feed lying in bed 90% of the time.

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