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Thread: oh, just some questions!

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    Default oh, just some questions!

    my baby girl is 6.5 months. it seemed like she used to breastfeed all the time but since she's getting older she's slowed down a lot. what is typical for how many times a day you breastfeed your infant at 6 months? i've been following her lead, no schedule here, and most days it's 6-7 times. my daughter has gained weight well (almost too well, she's in the 95th percentile!), but i want to make sure she's still getting enough.

    and with the introduction of solids, what's a good schedule to follow? we've just been dabbling and some days we eat cereal once and sometimes twice. we'll be starting veggies soon. how soon after a breastfeeding do you feed solids?

    any help is appreciated, i'm feeling overwhelmed.

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    My LO is same age. We started doing solids (oatmeal at first) just once a day. Then when we started veggies, we did cereal once a day and veggies once a day (so solids 2x a day).
    I do my solids about an hour after I nurse, so he is neither too full nor too hungry.
    Our nursing sessions went down to 5x a day at one point, which caused my supply to drop and instinctively (I am assuming) my LO started nursing more 6-8x a day and now I'd say we are at about 7 a day. I posted about this somewhere...It was called "how many times..." I think. Lots of mamas replied with what they do.
    As far as the solid schedule...everyone here does things differently, so it will be good to get lots of input and determine what will work best for you.

    Edit: here's the thread:
    How many times do you nurse per day? in Breastfeeding your infant
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    Default Re: oh, just some questions!

    My lo is 6 months old. We have started to introduce solids. She eats solids once maybe two times a day and nurses or gets ebm when I'm at work about 7 times.

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