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yippee!! Gotta say, I just LOVE your positive attidtude!! Go you!!
Thanks! It's not a natural thing--lol! But I figure it will do me more good to be optomistic than it would to sit and worry every time I only squeezed out .5 ml, ya know?

And that's interesting about the no water thing. I've read that for the MMP but my fenugreek says to take it with a meal or full glass of water. I guess the worst that could happen without would be a bit of stomach upset. I will definitely give that a try. Leaving in about an hour to go get my stepdaughter for the weekend. That's a lovely 5 hour round trip that I'm sooo looking forward to making with the little ones. I have a headache already! LOL! So I'm not gonna be able to pump till I get back. I've done it in the car before but with 4 girls I think I don't need to be distracting myself any. I'll try the fenugreek with no water/food. Teas I can't handle. I have yet to find any herbal tea that I can tolerate the taste of. They make me gag. Call me crazy. Thanks for all the advice and support, ladies!