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Thread: Milk thistle??

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    Default Milk thistle??

    HI -

    Is milk thistle and blessed thistle the same thing?
    If so, what's the recommended dose??


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    Default Re: Milk thistle??

    not the same thing although some people do use milk thistle. the blessed thistle works well with fenugreek. general dosage is 3 pill 3 times a day but some take less and others more
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    Default Re: Milk thistle??

    Hi, there!

    I betcha if we move this to the "Increasing Your Milk" forum, you'll get some more responses and ideas.

    Also, Hale mentions "Milk Thistle" as an L3 (Moderately Safe) & he says "While it has been advocated for the stimulation of milk synthesis, little evidence of efficacy exists. No data are available concerning Silymarin (another trade name) transfer to human milk but some probably transfers. However, it is rather devoid of reported toxicity with only brief GI intolerance and mild allergic reactions."


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    Default Re: Milk thistle??

    Hi! As others have said, they are different herbs. I was on Fenugreek and tried using Milk Thistle instead of Blessed Thistle but didn't see the same effect. In my experience Blessed Thistle worked much better.

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    Default Re: Milk thistle??

    I just asked my pharmacist about this and she looked up the ingredients for me - they were different. I had a lot of success when I took Blessed Thistle capsules with fenugreek capsules 3 each 3x a day. Someone else on the forums suggested iherbs.com as a good place to get blessed thistle for cheap. I'm awaiting my shipment!

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