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Thread: can't nurse for 4 days - what do I do?

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    Default Re: can't nurse for 4 days - what do I do?

    Oh momma I'm just reading this.

    Hugs to you!!!!

    No judgement at all here.

    Your baby is 22 months, almost the same age as mine. It will be difficult but he will get through this. If someone can keep him for the 2 days and you can pump and dump that would be the easiest thing.

    Thinking good thoughts for you.

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    Default Re: can't nurse for 4 days - what do I do?

    with the pps.
    If you have someone available that he really enjoys being with or that can take him to do something fun while you rest and recover he should be okay. Around 2 my lo would be so consumed by a fun activity that he wouldn't even ask to nurse.
    When we would go visit my sister or FIL, my lo would not nurse for a whole weekend then when we got home he would resume his normal schedule of nursing.
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    Default Re: can't nurse for 4 days - what do I do?

    My thought was if it's possible for him to stay with someone else for the time you can't nurse would be ideal!
    You guys will survive this though even if you can't do that. He'll be so happy to nurse again when you can! And you definately have the right idea of special treats, lots of hugs and daddy taking over nighttime duties.
    They understand a lot more than you would think, so definately saying that you can't nurse right now, but will be able to soon should help.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: can't nurse for 4 days - what do I do?

    thanks to all of you!!!
    I am so worried that he is going to feel rejected!!

    I have to keep telling myself that the 4 days I can't BF won't erase all the months of bonding and closeness we have developed...

    it is going to break my heart to listen to him cry for mum mums...but I have great support (from DH) and I think we have a game plan.

    thanks again for all of your encouragement!

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