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Thread: How to get my twins back?

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    Default How to get my twins back?

    My body is SO SENSITIVE with milk production! I initially had overproduction/OALD, so I blockfed for a day and now my production is so low...Especially in my right breast!!! My "twins" are not so twin anymore...

    I'm taking More Milk Plus to increase my supply (seems to be working a little), but still only pumping once in the morning, but I'd like my supply to especially increase in my right breast without over producing in my left breast and leaving me really lopsided. Any suggestions on how to get them the same production level again or do I have to just accept the drastic lopsidedness??? And... how can I get my production level "just right" without being so extreme on the oversupply or undersupply?

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    I found block feeding could get me from oversupply to low supply in a hurry. What you need to is the opposite of block feeding. Offer both breasts at each feeding. If you want more milk in your right side, always offer the right side first. Things will even out soon. If you've got an alert baby with a good suck, you don't need a pump.
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