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Thread: Pumping with "Whisper Breast Pump" ?

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    I tried this pump with my first child and had no success. People do notice the sound, though it's not loud, it is obvious something is whirring and eventually people will notice it's coming from your breasts. I didn't have problems keeping it on, and I never got the blisters (though I gave up after about 2 weeks). I have heard of women who had great success. Good luck with whatever pump you decide to get!


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    Breast pumps are considered as medical device available in several models on the market today. Choosing the right one can be confusing for anyone, however if you can stay at home until your baby is weaned then a simple manual pump will be good, but if you are a working women and can’t able to relax at home then certainly invest in an electric pump. As far as Whisper’s breast pump is concern, it is known as first hands-free breast pump which is easy to use and offer the flexibility to carry on her daily activities even while pumping.
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