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Thread: Difference between Purely Yours and Hospital Pump?

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    Question Difference between Purely Yours and Hospital Pump?


    This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking for months I hope someone can offer some insight into my dilemma.

    I pumped with the PY after every feed, 8-10x/day, for 5 weeks and didn't notice an increase in my supply. I am taking fenugreek and blessed thistle 3 caps 3x/day, and 30 mg domperidone 4x/day (120mg total) and still my 3.5 month old son needs 200-300mL (7-10 oz) of formula every day. I use breast compressions during his feeds, and I pump twice at night because he sleeps through the night and I don't want my supply to drop further. I've seen a LC and been to a breastfeeding clinic twice and his latch is perfect. They suggested I stop pumping after feeds so more milk would be left for the next feed (I learned here that that wasn't true -- draining the breast is better!) Needles to say this just meant I had less breastmilk for his bottle, and more formula. Now I've had four doctors (one a BFing specialist) tell me that I should be satisfied with what I have and that my body probably can't make more milk Despite this I haven't given up hope!

    I was just wondering if any of you have seen a difference between the Ameda Purely Yours (PY) and the hospital-grade Ameda Elite? Both seem to go up to the same suction strength and have variable cycles. The only thing is I can't comfortably use the maximum suction on the PY, so could I get any benefit from the Elite? I've tried standard, medium, and large flanges as well as the flexishield. The large size is the most comfortable because it doesn't make my nipple rub on the sides, but it pulls in a lot of my aerola, so I'm worried the flange isn't pushing on the optimal spot -- I've read that where the flange and tunnel meet is where the baby's gums usually are during feeding. The standard or medium size seems best if following that advice but then my nipple rubs the sides This also makes me wonder if the Elite is worth a try because it would be using the same flanges...

    If you have any experience comparing these pumps I'd greatly appreciate your story and how it turned out for you!

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    I don't have any experience with Ameda pumps, only Medela, but I am wondering why you think that you had low supply from the beginning and needed to supplement?

    Was you LO not having enough wet/poopy diapers?
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    Hi, thanks for your reply. My son was weighed multiple times during his first week, and by 2 weeks old was only gaining 14 g (0.5 oz) a day, so I was put on domperidone and told to pump after feeds and give him the EBM afterward. A week later (at 3 weeks) they saw he was only gaining 22 g (0.77 oz) a day and the nurse told me to supplement. At the time my baby was eating 15x/day for 40 minutes, then I'd pump for 15 minutes, and we'd spend 15-30 minutes trying to cup feed... so we were spending almost 20 hours a day feeding him! He also cried constantly. So at 3 weeks we transitioned to bottles and feeding 8-10x a day on demand and suddenly we had a happy, fun little baby. I thought his diapers were wet, but after starting supplementing I felt my first actually heavy diaper at 3 weeks. I felt so bad for starving him all that time... now we have a baby scale to make sure he's gaining adequately, but he still needs formula =/

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    I can't compare the Purely Yours to the Elite, because I never used the Elite. However, I did use both the Purely Yours and the Medela Lactina, which is a hospital-grade rental pump and probably roughly equivalent to the Elite, and in my opinion there is a HUGE difference between the Purely Yours and a hospital-grade pump. The Purely Yours was a toy compared to the Lactina.

    When I had supply problems, I pumped every 3 hours during the day and every 3 at night and brought my supply up to where it needed to be within a couple of weeks. I also used a supplemental nursing system (SNS), so that I could supplement my baby at the breast instead of by bottle. With a SNS, you avoid nipple confusion, and in addition, supplementing with a SNS is good for your supply because the baby stimulates the breast even as he feeds from the SNS tube.

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