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Thread: Getting back to exclusive BF

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    Unhappy Getting back to exclusive BF

    I breastfed my 6.5 mo son for the first month but have been supplementing ever since. I would like to go back to BF exclusively again, but I'm not sure how. I would say I'm at 70/30 formula to BF. http://forums.llli.org/images/icons/icon9.gif I'm BF mainly on the mornings.

    It's been going down more and more and I'm at the point where I'm feeling really down about it. I'm wondering if it's too late...

    I used to have a strong let down, but don't feel it anymore. Baby doesn't feed if there's not a lot of milk. And I have a Pump In Style, but pumping isn't as effective because Baby sucks way harder so I barely feel the pump. Right now I'm pumping for 10 minutes and hand expressing after that. Hand expression seems to be effective on one side, I can hardly get anything out on the other side, even though I know there's milk.

    What do I do to increase so I can start cutting out the formula? How much water should I be drinking? I think that may be my biggest problem. Any help would be appreciated!

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    You can definitely get your baby off formula supplements! Lots of moms relactate, and you're actually in a great position to do it because you still have milk. You won't be starting from scratch.

    My Mom needed to wean my sis when she was 3 months old due to some medical issues (hers, not my sister's). Mom never had any luck expressing milk, and when she was given the go-ahead to nurse again after 3 months off, her milk was totally gone. By putting my sis to the breast before giving a bottle, she was able to rebuild her milk supply and phase out the supplements. She went on to nurse my sis until she was 18 months old. Perhaps that's a good way to start your journey: nurse your baby before offering a supplement.

    You can also try supplementing using a supplemental nursing system (SNS). A SNS is useful for 2 reasons: first, it teaches your baby that all his meals come from the breast, so he stops wanting the bottle. Second, your baby will stimulate your milk supply even as he feeds from the SNS tube.

    How much water should you be drinking? Only as much as you want. Some people tell you that you need to drink X amount of oz of water when nursing, but most of the advice I've heard is to drink to thirst.

    Regarding the pump: have you been to see a lactation consultant? Perhaps she could observe a pumping session and see if you need a better/different pump or breast shields in order to get maximum milk removal.

    Keep up the good work, Mama! If you are determined, I have no doubt you can get a full supply back.

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