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Thread: Sick baby...Need advice

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    Hey Ladies! I think my ds is sick. He's been a rock star nurser for a while now but lately he's been wanting to nurse seriously like ever hour, and he gets on, I have let down, and he nurses for a few minutes and then falls asleep. Its really frustrating and I have tried everything. Getting him in just a diaper to nurse, skin to skin, tickling his feet, etc. He's so much more fussy too and is waking up every hour at night. I'm seriously going crazy. I'm getting NO sleep because since i have gone to breastfeeding exclusively (which has always been my goal and YAY i'm finally there) my husband can't help me feed him. For the last 3 nights I have seen every hour on the clock and my little guy doesn't take long naps during the day so i'm stuck getting no sleep and trying to make it. He doesn't have a fever and I've been giving him infant tylenol which is helping a tiny bit. I'm seriously struggling. This is the first time he's been sick so i'm totally a newbie at this. I know that when a baby is sick the best thing to do is to breastfeed a ton which is good and thats what I'm doing. My milk supply is INSANE too because he feeds so often. What do I do to make him happier and healthier and to get more sleep myself??? Any advice is MUCH appreciated.

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    how old is baby? How long have you been EBF? IF this is a recent change, it may be the way he's adjusting. Depending of age, he could be going thru a growth spurt. Those are always hard on mom. It seems like you can't comfort them..... Hang in there...
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    Sounds like a trip to the doctor is in order. Hope things get better soon.
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