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Thread: 6 Week Mark

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    Question 6 Week Mark

    I have read many women saying that at the six week mark of breastfeeding the nipple pain tends to subside and overall thing seem to fall into place/click.

    I am curious...is this because at 6 weeks old a baby's size and maturity aides in the process or does it just take 6 weeks to get the hang of things and for nipples to toughen up? I suppose my question is: Is the 6 week mark related to the babies age or the duration of breastfeeding? (since the 2 are not always exclusive...I for example have a 9 week old but have only been truly breastfeeding for the last few days.)

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    each baby and mom pair are diffent!

    6 weeks is just an average, I think it takes at least that long to get to know baby.
    Some moms have a harder time then others.

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