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Thread: Giving up!

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    I bf my dd for over 2 years she is pretty much weaned now because I keep telling her no. I feel awful about it because I always thought I would follow her lead when weaning. But I have a six month old son and I am just so so tired. My dd is very very headstrong. She always has been but now she has hit the terrible two stage. I just cannot handle it anymore. My dh is never here to help as he is running a restaurant and leaves the house in the morning to be home after midnight six days a week. I have migranes all the time due to being so tired and worn out, but I just cannot put myself to bed with two babies in the house. I am an emotional wreck and I cry a lot which is very out of character for me. Recently my ds seems to be hungry all the time. He was a regular 3-4 hour feader but now he seems to want it all the time. I feel I have no milk. Is this because I am so run down. I am totally against formula but have been thinking about it more and more. I wanted to bf my son for much longer but I don`t think I can handle it! What should I do?
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    Can you do anything to get some extra help? A high school student after school to play with your 2 yr old might even help. It sounds like first and foremost, you need to figure out what can be done to take care of you. I found the growth spurt at six months to be long and rough. Maybe that is what you are experiencing with increased feedings? Although you wouldn't be using energy to make milk, weaning would introduce a whole new set of stresses that I would guess you don't want to deal with.
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