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Thread: Should I Stop?

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    Default Should I Stop?

    When we went in for our 4 month checkup, the pedi said we could start some rice cereal for our dd anytime. Because we had a vacation scheduled and some family coming into town, I didn't want to start anything new, so I kept on just breastfeeding her. Last week (just before her 5 month bd) we gave her a little organic rice cereal mixed with breastmilk and she ate it right up. We've given her about a tablespoon of the cereal w/breastmilk once or twice a day, always in addition to a bf session, never in place of one.

    I had started my sons (now age 14 and 16) on cereal when they were 4 months old and breastfeeding, because 4 months was the mark most people started cereals. I hadn't read until this week that babies will be fine on just breastmilk for the first 6 months.

    So should I stop giving her the cereal and just go back to exclusively breastfeeding for the next month?

    She is very interested in food at the table and watches us eat.

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    Please don't worry, you haven't done anything to hurt her. However, I would stop the cereal until after 6 months. I doubt your dd will miss it, but maybe give her something else to keep her busy at the dinner table, even just a toy or a sippy cup to play with. A couple of moms have mentioned that they have even made little ice-cube tray popsicles out of breastmilk for younger babies!
    When you do start (re-)introducing solids, you might even be able to skip the processed cereal and try foods that are natural iron sources if you want to. Finger foods are more fun and easier!
    I have learned a lot more about this whole subject since I joined this community, so I encourage you to dig into some of the other threads on this subject for more information and ideas!
    Paint-the-moon always has great ideas on this subject, so look for her posts.


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    Default Re: Should I Stop?

    I disagree with the post above. Every baby is different and if your baby is showing signs of interest in table food then there is no harm in offering rice cereal mixed with breastmilk once a day or every other day. Think about how much your daughter is actually ingesting...Maybe a tablespoon or 2. Learning to swallow is a skill babies need to master. With my first child I offered rice cereal at 5 months and clearly she was not ready. Therefore I waited and tried again at 6 months. In fact she really didn't like rice cereal so I ended up giving her barley. My second baby now 4 and a half months has started cereal just last week and he is very interested and happy to try it. I offer it once a day and I have even skipped a few days. Never substitue cereal for a nursing session. Good luck!

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    I agree with mom2. If she is interested go for it! She probably enjoys taking on new challenges. Of course if you want to wait because you feel it compromises your bf relationship with dd then don't let anything stand in the way of that. My dd started solids early, about same time, and has never gone on strike or shown any interest in replacing her solids with bf. Good Luck!

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    If she's interested in table foods, why not just offer table foods instead of cereal? Cereal is messy and really has very little nutritional value. If you're going to go ahead with solids, forget the outdated advice to offer only cereal for "the first month or so". That's boring for baby and mom. Solids are supposed to be for fun and learning, and what's a baby going to learn from eating the same exact food every single day for a month?

    I also suggest letting her self-feed; she'll learn far more that way (ds, by the way, was eating finger foods at 5 mo). Here is LLL's FAQ on first foods to give you some ideas: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/firstfoods.html

    But definately keep an eye on the ammount she's consuming; it should not be more than a couple of tablespoons a day maximum. She does not need any solids at this point. They should be just for fun and learning and should most definately not be replacing breastmilk. If you notice her cutting back on nursing or having less wet diapers or getting constipated, those would be clear signs to cut out solids for a while.

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    Default Re: Should I Stop?

    yeah DS is only just over five months but he is showing interest so we are trying stuff now... if he wasn't then we'd probably wait, but since he is...
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