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    Okay, I've heard a lot of poeple say this can be really helpful when you're having supply issues. How do these work? I get the basic idea, I think, from what I read on here. But how do you use it? And does it actually work? I don't want to spend the money on it if it's not going to help. So if anyone on here has used one and can give me thier thoughts, I would appreciate it!
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    The SNS is a bag of pumped milk or formula that hangs from your neck. A tube comes out of the bag, and you position the tube alongside your nipple (this can be tricky) so that the baby gets both the tube and the breast in his mouth when he latches on. As he nurses, he gets nutrition both from the breast and from the bag of milk/formula via the tube. This is a picture of a SNS in use.

    A SNS is best for a baby who must be supplemented because he is having trouble feeding efficiently: a baby with weak suckling ability, a baby who is jaundiced and sleepy, a baby with a cleft palate. A SNS is good for a mom who wants to avoid nipple confusion due to early introduction of a bottle, because the baby receives all his nutrition at the breast.

    If you have low supply, a SNS can be helpful for 2 reasons. First, it keeps your baby on the breast even when you must supplement, and second, the baby's suckling stimulates your supply even as he feeds from the SNS tube. However, the SNS alone is unlikely to be the solution to a low supply issue. Seeing a lactation consultant, pumping, herbs, and milk-increasing drugs may also be required.

    I had low supply in the early days due to my daughter's horribly bad latch. I used a SNS part-time, and found it helpful at keeping her on the breast when I needed to supplement. However, I also found the SNS tricky to master (it can be hard to position the tube and the baby simultaneously) and, as I mentioned above, it was not the sole solution to my low supply problem.


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    with the PP

    I don't think the SNS is necessarily helpful in upping your supply, but rather a good way to keep baby at the breast while you work on different ways of helping your supply while still getting baby the nutrition he/she needs.

    The SNS was a pain in the butt, but it ensured that there was no nipple confusion and still got baby to keep stimulating the breast even when there was little milk flow.

    What have you tried to increase your supply? If your looking at the SNS is it because your going to have to supplement for a period of time?
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    I had supply issues and the SNS was a life saver simply because as previously posted it kept my son on the breast. that said he had to have suplements in the SNS and the way that I eventually got him off of the SNS was to use other supply building ideas and then to nurse him first on the breast alone and then to add the SNS tube into his mouth. their suck will always be stronger on the breast alone becasue even with the SNS on the smallest tube setting they have to work harder to get milk from the breast then from the SNS.

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    How awesome that you're trying to learn the ups and downs of a supplemental nursing system! Any type of SNS should also be used as "a tool" to allow a mother to breastfeed successfully while continuing to see an experienced LC and/or LLL Leader to make sure the goal of exclusive nursing is kept in mind and obtained. Good communication with baby's ped is also important. Generally, a mother using an SNS system will need to also pump so that her milk supply is established and sustained.

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    I have had to use the SNS off and on for the last 2 months. It is great if you want to avoid giving a bottle and need to supplement and it keeps baby at the breast so they are still nursing. It takes a while to get the hang of it but I've gotten so use to it it's normal for me now. I found that using the football hold while nursing with the SNS was the best hold because it kept babie's body away from the SNS, sometime the tubes clamp if baby is right against it. If you can get baby to nurse without it first and then put the tube in his mouth I think it will help him not getting dependent on it as much. Hope that helps!

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