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Thread: help with new teeth, please

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    Default help with new teeth, please

    My daughter is 13 months. Her top teeth are about half way in. While she nurses, her top teeth cut into my nipples, at first causing indentation and now small cuts. Nursing right now is so painful I don't know what to do. I read that babies can't bite when the suck, but she doesn't seem to be biting me, but scraping I guess. I am not interested in weaning, but it is really painful. Please help.

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    Default Re: help with new teeth, please

    Ouch! Teeth can be such a bear to deal with. Most scraping issues can be solved by redjusting the latch much like you would when you had a new born. The new teeth are an issue because they change the landscape of the childs mouth and they don't understand that what they have been doing up until now isn't working for Mama. The only way to let her know is the same way you did when sh was itty bitty. Pop her off and shove as much of your breast in her mouth as you can manage. Because grazing breast tissue is muss less painful than grazing nipple tissue. And as soon as she tries to settle in low on your nipple you stop, pop off and relatch. HTH!

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    w/pp. Sounds like she just needs a bit of readjustment on the latch. DD is 16mos old and has 12 teeth and I don't even feel them when she nurses, so once your lo gets the hang of it, all should be fine. Until then, be patient, keep up the good work, and keep some lansinoh handy
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    Default Re: help with new teeth, please

    We have this problem with each new top tooth. The best thing that has worked for me is to adjust our positioning. I find I need to hold her body much higher than usual to keep the weight of her body from naturally dragging her head (and teeth) downward.

    Also more tips here.

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    Default Re: help with new teeth, please

    Glad to see the link. It really helped me.

    I found that I have to get my son to tip his head back a little to get the pressure of his teeth off of my skin. My son has a really tight latch, too, so I have had a tiny area of skin breakdown a couple of times (usually after nursing at night--probably increased frequency due to TEETHING). But it's healed quickly with position adjustments from the kellymom link and breast milk to the sore spot.

    Hang in there!

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    when ds got his first two bottom teeth I was like "wow, this is easy peasy - it doesn't hurt AT ALL " . . . then he got his two top teeth and I realized that his tongue was covering his bottom teeth which of course is why it didn't hurt when they came in Top teeth - different story.

    readjusting the latch worked for us. He figured out a new groove. Also, I found that after a while they weren't like wire cutters anymore and much more "dull" against my skin.

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    Default Re: help with new teeth, please

    I've heard you can try Lansinoh ointment for these situations as well.
    Good Luck!
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