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Thread: What works best? Share all ideas!

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    Question What works best? Share all ideas!

    I'm looking at the best ways to increase supply for a 7 mo. old who is refusing solids. I would like ALL possible ways to increase supply and what has worked for all of you!

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    Default Re: What works best? Share all ideas!

    Fenugreek and blessed thistle got me through a dip at around four-five months.

    I took 3 caps fenugreek three times a day and blessed thistle tincture diluted in water three times a day. The fenugreek helps supply, but the blessed thistle helps with letdown, so I think that's why the combo works for so many women.

    I also started eating oatmeal pretty much every day and keeping an eye on my water intake.

    I'm happy to say that my supply totally recovered and I'm not using the herbs at the moment, but it feels like "insurance" to have them handy.

    Good luck!

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    1st thing to try is nursing more often.
    Do you think your supply is low?

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    I was having problems with my milk supply also. I heard about a tea called "Mothers Milk Tea" (you can get it at GNC, offline, or some supermarkets I get mine at Beldens) It acually works for me i started to pump alot more milk and i've only been drinking it for about 2 weeks now! It tastes great with honey

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    I agreed on the nuring more often that was the key... Also, domperidone help me stablish my supply due to my reduction on supply was based on BC pills... Good luck mama

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    Wink Re: What works best? Share all ideas!

    More Milk Plus from www.motherlove.com

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