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Thread: Alcohol and breastfeeding????

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    Default Alcohol and breastfeeding????

    Have a special occassion coming up soon and would like to enjoy a few drinks during this event but I am still nursing DD who is almost 11 months old. Is there a time frame I should wait to nurse or automaticly "pump and dump"?? How many hours or dumps As you see since my DD is 11 months old and I'm just now asking this question I'm not a big drinker so Im very lost when it comes to the effects of consuming alcohol during BF.

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    I have had a few on a few occasions. I found this on the LLL website: What about drinking alcohol and breastfeeding?

    I usually don't drink enough that I worry about dd getting much. And I never had a sip until she was 5 months old. I just have always been a "have a beer after work" kind of girl, so giving it up altogether was difficult. I don't have one every day and I rarely have more than 2. I think if you are not feeling the effects, your liver is metabolizing most, if not all, of the alcohol and your lo should be fine!

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    Default Re: Alcohol and breastfeeding????

    There's no need to pump and dump, unless it's for your own comfort (to avoid engorgement while you are away from DD). The alcohol leaves your breastmilk at the same rate as it leaves your bloodstream.

    My rule of thumb for drinking while nursing was that if I was too drunk to drive, I was too drunk to nurse. I think this is as much about safety in handling the baby as it is about the alcohol in the milk. If I'm blotto, I shouldn't be carrying a baby, KWIM?

    If you are taking your baby to the event, then just drink in moderation and pace yourself -- one drink per 1-2 hours should be fine.


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    Default Re: Alcohol and breastfeeding????

    they also say to wait a couple hours after drinking before nursing...assuming you only had a drink or two the 2 hours prior...

    here's another helpful website:


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