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    I am currently BF and pumping for my 10 month old DD. I am having tumescent liposuction with general anthesia next week and wandering about issues with BF. I have heard conflicting info from the DRs. One said just pump and dump 3 times another said for 3 days??? Anyone have an thoughts or insight. I have about 2 days stored up but thats it. She also gets solids 3 times a day.


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    If I were you, I'd talk to the anesthesiologist, and find out exactly what medications they're going to use. I've had surgery with general anesthesia twice while nursing, and the anesthesiologist assured me that there was no reason to pump and dump unless I wanted to. He said that by the time I was awake enough to nurse, it was fine. I did, both times, and had no problems. Good luck!

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    I agree, try to find out exactly what medications they will use and then look up the safety of those specific medications while nursing. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some resources where you can find that info. I know Dr. Jack Newman is soemtimes able to help with that and there is a reference by a Doctor Hale that might give you the info you need. But I think both require you to know what the medications are.

    Good luck!
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    Sounds like you're in a tough situation... When the breastfeeding
    mother needs to have surgery, there are so many things running through
    her mind... I'm sure your thoughts are similar. Taking care of
    yourself is so important. :O)

    Many moms are able to resume breastfeeding after surgery. You may want
    to discuss your concerns with your doctor and see if an LC can be
    available to help you before and after your surgery.

    After general anethesia, a mother can nurse as soon as she is alert
    enough to handle her baby... Sometimes a baby resumes nursing without
    any problems. If for some reason there is some resisitence to nursing,
    you may want to treat it like a nursing strike.... Plenty of skin-to-
    skin, bathing with baby, frequently offer the breast, massage after
    applying wet/warm cloths to help with a let-down, etc.

    If you aren't able to breastfeed soon after surgery, will there be a
    hospital pump you can use? You wouldn't want to increase the chances
    of mastitis any. Let your husband, or whoever is with you before and
    after surgery, know your plans to nurse/express, in case it takes
    you a while to think clearly, etc.

    Are you able to have some fresh/frozen breastmilk for baby before
    surgery, just in case?

    take care,

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