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Thread: So gassy and no sleep!!

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    Default So gassy and no sleep!!

    My 5 week old is exclusively breastfed and for the most part it's going well. But he is so gassy, especially at the later part of the night/early morning. It interrupts both of our sleep and I just feel so bad for him. At what age do they start to grow out of some of this??
    Also, when do bf babies start to sleep longer than 2-3 hours? I am dying here! I always required a lot of sleep and miss it TERRIBLY!! Once he finally does start to sleep longer, how long until my body regulates for that so I am not waking up engorged at 3 hours?
    Thanks so much ladies!!

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    Default Re: So gassy and no sleep!!

    Are you swaddling him?
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    Default Re: So gassy and no sleep!!

    My lo is 4 weeks and is a fast drinker.... when it's really bad, I will give him gripe water. It seems to help.

    As far a when you body will "respond" I am uncaertain... i usually pump if I am too uncomfortable... (getting prepared to return to work)
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