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Thread: pain meds question

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    Red face pain meds question

    my dentist wants my wisdom teeth removed ASAP but im afraid about the pain ill be in and what pain meds i can take while Breast Feeding. Any one ever had this done or know of any safe good working meds?


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    Tylenol (acetamenophen) and Advil (ibuprofen) are both safe when BF. I think there's lots of paineds that are compatible with BF. If you talk to your dentist and ask what they would recommend, they should know. If they don't, you can contact your local leader to ask, she has access to Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk, the bible of meds and BF.


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    how old is your baby?

    Here is a link that might help


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    Oooo! Removal of wisdom teeth...

    Yes, there are many pain meds available to help the breastfeeding momma. Hale mentions ibuprophen to be one that is very compatible. As far as numbing meds, you may want to ask your dentist what kind they use and then check with your local Leader. Many breastfeeding mothers have had dental work done very safely.

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