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Thread: Dealing with sleeping through....

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    Question Dealing with sleeping through....

    LO ramps up her feedings before bed (every 1 - 2 hours). She then sleeps around 7 - 8 hours. In general, she goes down around 9pm and wakes between 4am - 5am. She'll then sleep another 3 - 4 hours until 7am - 8am. The longer sleep times is GREAT!!

    The problem is, my production is still in overdrive and I become engorged. I tried getting up a little before her 4am feeding and pumping off a bit. This worked for the OALD and engorgement. But it was tough on the sleep schedule and actually being functional at that time. So then I started staying up until midnight and pumping a full feeding at that time. This worked out well because I've been able to build up a little stash.

    Will there come a time where I won't have to pump at all during these long sleeping sessions? Is there anything I need to do to help it come around? I know by pumping at midnight, I'm only encouraging more production, but it was more effective for the OALD and I got the added bonus of a stash.

    Any hints would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Dealing with sleeping through....

    I remember having problems like this when DS was sleeping 7-9 hour stretches. Fortunately my oversupply did get much better around the 3/4 month mark. I certainly didn't have any oversupply issues at 5 months.

    What I ended up doing, I think was when I woke up engorged, I would just pick him up, change his diaper to wake him up and do a 'dream feed'. It worked well. If she's waking up at 4am, can you not try feeding her a little earlier, like at 3am?

    The other option and I know many moms do this is to put the baby to bed around 7/8pm, then wake their baby and do a 'dream feed' around 10/11 pm just before they go to bed. Pumping, as you know, will just increase your supply more.

    Enjoy these long stretches! You never know what next week will bring you. While DS was sleeping long stretches, when I stopped swaddling him, he started waking up frequently. Recently DS slept a 7 hour stretch and it had been months since he's done that.
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