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Thread: Really need advice!

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    Question Really need advice!

    My 2 month old never took to breast feeding he would always fall asleep and i couldn't even leave my bed because he was ALWAYS eating so i started to pump. I pump him every bottle to feed to himwhich is working out he's alot happier he sleeps better i get to move around the house and he's gaining weight. My problem is i don't know what i can do to produce more milk! I drink 2 bottles of water or more a day every 4 hours i pump 4 oz. Is that a good amount or is there a way to make more!

    So confused! Please help

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    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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    Sounds like you are doing well. I EP and in the beginning when my son was young, I pumped every 2 hours during the day, and I woke up once or twice a night to pump. It was a lot of work, but that helped me build up a supply, and then by the time my son was about 2 months I cut down to 6 sessions a day, and I didn't get up at night anymore. Do you have help from your husband or someone else so that you could try pumping more often for a couple weeks and see if that increases your supply?

    Also, you can try eating oatmeal every day, or maybe even seeing a lactation consultant for advice on using fenugreek or other methods to increase supply.

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    EP'ing is very very difficult. Generally production is lower than BF'ing, and a lot of different things can affect your supply. Are you planning on trying to BF again or you are just going to pump? How many times a day do you pump?

    4oz a session is actually pretty good output. Here are some other tips about pumping.

    When you say two bottles of water, how many ounces are you talking? Like 32, 64? I drink about 90 - 100 oz a day. it is more than is normally "recommended" but through trial and error, I think that is where I need to be.

    There are also a lot of good tips here. But first and foremost frequency is going to be your best bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolies.mama View Post
    EP'ing is very very difficult. Generally production is lower than BF'ing
    Over time, breastfeeding becomes much easier and faster, with a baby getting all he needs in 5-10 minutes at the breast. Pumping never gets easier or faster: if it takes you 20 minutes to fill a bottle now, it's going to take you 20 minutes a year from now, and you're going to have to fit that 20 minutes (plus all the washing, and the storing/warming/transporting of milk) into your demanding job of taking care of a mobile baby. If you can get your baby back on the breast, you will never have to listen to your child cry because his food and comfort will always be immediately available, at the right temperature, and clean. Breastfeeding straight from the tap regulates your supply much better than pumping does, so when your baby starts sleeping long periods at night, you can too.

    If you want to keep on exclusively pumping, the best things you can do to increase your supply are to pump more frequently, and to use a very good pump. If you're pumping every 4 hours, try pumping every 2. The more frequently you remove milk, the more milk will be made, because your body gets the message that there is a lot of demand. You can also try power pumping: pump 10 minutes, rest for 10, pump for 10, rest for 10, and finally pump 10 minutes one last time for a total of 30 minutes of pumping in a 1-hour period. Power pumping is supposed to mimic the way a baby feeds and boosts his mom's supply during a growth spurt.

    HTH, good luck!

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