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Thread: 7 months and no period!

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    Default 7 months and no period!

    I have not started my period and my DD is almost 7 months. I never had a bad period in the past but for the past 2 days I have bad cramps and below my belly button.

    Did anyone else have pretty bad pain and bloating before they started? Or should I be worried about a bladder infection?

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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    I have had cramps & pms-like symptoms a couple of times, but still no period (DS is 14mo). :info The average time for the period of a breastfeeding mama to return is 15mo, so it may be a false alarm. Or you may be getting lucky (?) early.

    Someone who has AF back, please comment!
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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    I got my period back at 12 months, almost exactly. But for almost six months before that, I would get occasional feelings of crampiness and bloating, almost like my hormones were trying to sort themselves out and decide if that was the month I would be getting AF back.

    Each woman is different - it can come back 3 months pp or 18 months, you never know!

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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    With both of my kiddos, I got my period back right away. I had pp bleeding for 6 weeks, and then, with my daughter got my period at 10 weeks pp, and with my son at 9 weeks pp. And I nursed! A lot! Am still nursing my son (a lot! good golly, does he like to nurse!). But, yes, I would say that for a couple of days before those periods (and before most of them now), I was very crampy and bloated.

    I wouldn't think UTI, really, unless the pain is in your urethra. Up higher seems like cramps to me.

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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    I got my period back 15 months PP, but in the few months before that I would kind of feel cramps and symptoms, and I could've sworn I was gonna have my period, but then I wouldn't.

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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    Well I"m jealous. I had PP flow for 8 weeks and my first period at 3 months! DS was sleeping long stretches at night, though, and I rarely co-sleep. I think this is a big part of it. Fortunately he started waking up more frequently at night.
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    Default Re: 7 months and no period!

    With DS AF came back 9 mo PP and I would cramp days before it actually started. Maybe b/c they would come like 6 weeks apart? DD would go much longer betw. nursing sessions and AF came back at 4 mo. did not have as much cramping. However, after about 2 visits that came like clockwork DD just decided out of nowhere to nurse all the time and I only had 1 "visit" since then after about 6 weeks and I had the cramping/bloating baaad for several days before. coarse it hasn't been long enough since then to say whether or not that will happen again.
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