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Thread: block feeding & refluxing after switching sides

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    Default block feeding & refluxing after switching sides

    I have problems with oversupply & OALD. I've been block nursing 6-8 hours per side (after starting with 4 hours per side) for a few weeks. I think my 10 week old is dealing with the OALD better as he's getting older, but he has reflux and it is noticeably worse after the first, and sometimes second feeding on each side. I'm wondering if I should go back to nursing on one side per feeding or if that's likely to make the oversupply issue worse.

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    I did block feeding with my little refluxer until he was old enough to tell me when which breast he wanted . I found that, in terms of the timing of it all, I just had to experiment a bit to find what suited us best. At its worst, I had to express a little milk before every feeding no matter how long I had been block feeding on one side, but eventually my body worked it all out, and we've been happily breastfeeding for a long time now.

    Also, my DS would often reflux during feedings, especially at the beginning. At some point I actually heard fluid coming up as he was beginning to nurse, and I imagine the meeting of fluid coming up and going down is quite unpleasant. I think that reflux and OALD combine to make a challenging nursing relationship sometimes. I found that careful observation and experimentation worked well for us.

    Hang in there!
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