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Thread: need help quick- early teething?

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    Default need help quick- early teething?

    My son is 10 weeks old and i am convinced he is teething. The only thing that makes him stop crying is rubbing an icecube on his gums. Is it okay that I'm doing this? I read somewhere that little babies can't have water... I am waiting for DH to get me an icecube tray to freeze BM into cubes(we have an ice maker in our freezer) Should I continue to ice with water until I have a tray?
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    Default Re: need help quick- early teething?

    poor baby You could also try freezing a wet rag and letting him chew on that. I'm sorry, that doesn't sound like fun

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    They say not to give a baby too much water..because of over hydration, that would be like a whole bottles worth though. If you are just rubbing ice on his gums, that would be perfectly fine!!They make baby water if you wanted to use that, also we use these little teething "animals" made by sassy. Annabella loves knawing on them..ones a green turtle and the other one is a snail, they came together in a package. She is 17 weeks now but has been drolling for many weeks, so every once in a while she likes to have something cold on her gums~the wash cloth worked every once in a while for us, but she likes the teething objects to "chew" on better. Goodluck!
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    Default Re: need help quick- early teething?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jeannie.bean View Post
    poor baby You could also try freezing a wet rag and letting him chew on that. I'm sorry, that doesn't sound like fun
    I second this idea! It worked great with dd1 and she loved it!

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    Default Re: need help quick- early teething?

    with pp, you're not giving him a lot of liquid, just helping his mouth feel better. Which, of course, makes it easier for him to nurse as well. We've always used ice with DS, and it makes a huge difference in his comfort level! (Of course, when he wants to nurse with newly-numbed gums, I get to have a cold mouth on my breast. But it only lasts a second, and it's worth it to see him in less pain.) Once he was big enough to pick things up himself (~6mo), we got these http://www.wdrake.com/WalterDrake/Sh...000001&Affid=1 and he could ice his own mouth. Now, when he's having a "teething day", he goes to the fridge and says "Aye, aye, aye!" (his version of "ice").
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