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Thread: First teeth and first solids and bm's...

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    Default First teeth and first solids and bm's...

    Hi all -

    My DD is about to be 6 months on 2/9 - and we've just recently introduced rice cereal mixed with EBM as of last Sunday (1 week ago). She's on 1 feeding of solids a day, in the evening, and she's also getting her first two bottom teeth. She's a real trooper!

    I've researched what I can on this issue - but couldn't really find anything. My question has to do with "the other end" - about her bm's. Up until now, her bm's were fairly normal - pretty light and odorless, since I'm nursing. But lately, they've been really thick, frequent and have a very sour odor. Is this because of teething, or starting solids, or both?

    I was under the impression that a thick stool meant dehydration - but she's nursing one breast at a time every 2 hours and has plenty of wet diapers. (She's not interested in nursing off of both sides at once...)

    Any info is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: First teeth and first solids and bm's...

    CC ~ It would be normal for baby's stool's to change once solids are introduced. Some babies will develop loose stools when they're teething - at least that has been my own experience.

    I'd chalk it up to the introduction of the cereal.


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