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Thread: Growth spurt at 11 1/2 weeks????

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    Default Growth spurt at 11 1/2 weeks????

    Could my son be having a growth spurt? He's been very clingy and hungry. He hasn't hardly napped today. This is usually how he acts when he's having one. I know they have one around 3 mos. He'll be 3mos. on Feb. 5th. Can they come a little early? Do growth spurts also happen after 3 mos. or is that the last one?
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    Default Re: Growth spurt at 11 1/2 weeks????

    There's no hard and fast timeline for growth spurts. The 3 month thing is just a general reference, and the spurt can certainly happen a little before or after the official date. So, yes, it could be a spurt, especially if you recognize the signs. The 3 month spurt is a tough one (at least, ours was, and other moms have told me the same). I believe there's another around 6 months, but it's not as bad, probably because baby is more active and distracted, so not as frustrated by the development. There are spurts after that, of course, but not the same as the early newborn spurts. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Growth spurt at 11 1/2 weeks????

    They continue to have growth spurts. There is one at 6 months, we had one at 9 and then quite frankly sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a growth spurt or MOLARS. But I remember one very specifically around 14months because He was in day care and staying home with my mom and he was cleaning his plates all day for a week and asking for 2nds on dinner. He was still nursing around 8times in a 24hour period at that point and I remember thinking I was SOOO glad that he was eating 3 solid meals plus two snacks because the amount of solid food he was putting away made me think I would have NOT been able to handle it on my own!

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    Default Re: Growth spurt at 11 1/2 weeks????

    12 weeks was a big one for us!

    I always knew that it had been a growth spurt when she slept a lot the next day. And, she always starts to look super chunky when she is gearing up for one and then it seems like overnight she will thin out again and be taller.

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