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    Quick question -- My DD only takes one breast per session. If my DD doesn't "empty" one side when she's finished eating, do I switch breasts for the next nursing session or should I put her back on the "not so emptied" breast again til it feels more empty? (She never seems to empty the left breast -- partially due to poor latch, partially due to possible right breast preference, and partially due to maybe overproduction in that breast).

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    I find that one side makes more ....I try to put him on the slow/low side first....then give him the best for last I only know this because when I pump I get less on the left side and more on the right and when he nurses on the left he seems annoyed too - so I figure its the low/slow side and the right one is fast and furious...

    I would say switch it up all the time - I try to get him on both sides each time - if he doesn't then I know I will have a good pump session afterwards for storage. but he usually takes both during each session...when I feel him slack off on one side then I switch sides to wake him up and keep him going....

    I hope this helps you
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    I make a lot of milk, so both my LOs have only ever nursed on one side at a time, and I just alternate every single time. (Unless for some reason baby only nursed for a couple seconds. Then I will often do that side again.) If you nurse again on the side that didn't feel emptied, you'll just be telling it to make more milk. (It's ok if it doesn't get emptied.) Meanwhile, you'll be telling the other breast not to make as much, since it will go longer between feedings, and that could result in a very uneven supply. If you experience some engorgement on the unemptied side when you feed on the other side, just let the milk spray/drip into a burp cloth or towel to relieve the pressure. Eventually your body will learn to regulate the supply.
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    My DD only ever took/takes one breast per session and doesn't necessary empty it. I just rotate back between the two as best as I can remember.

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