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Thread: teething question - HELP!

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    Default teething question - HELP!

    I have a 13 month old DS who is not nursing much at all the last week due to teething. He is a late teether, and got his first tooth at 11 months, and has gotten 4 more teeth in the last 3 weeks! Now he looks like he's getting 2 more, and I am getting concerned about his nursing and my supply. He also is not a great eater. He didn't start solids until 10 months really, and he doesn't eat much now also due to the teething. His weight is fine (he is 24lbs, 11 ounces and gained 4 ounces in the last 3 weeks) as I took him to the pedi last week just to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or something else. He's been night nursing again frequently. I have been giving him Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Hyland's teething tablets, used the orajel a couple of times, teething biscuits, etc. He has never been one to use the teething gel toys or any other teether toy (it seems like I've tried them all).

    The teething I know will pass, but I feel like my supply has really DROPPED the last week, especially since I'm also due for my period this week (I may be 5 days late although my cycles aren't really that regular yet) I actually took two pregnancy tests that were negative because I have been feeling funny.

    The last two days DS has had a significant drop in wet diapers and today I didn't change his diaper from 11am until 6:30pm and it was just lightly wet (changed only 3 today, once is morning which was somewhat large, then again before his nap at 11, and again before his bath at 6:30pm). Should I start pumping a little to help with my supply? Should I take fennugreek (I have taken in the past before to help with pumping issue). I am a SAHM and don't wish to start pumping if I don't have too. Will my supply just pick up again when he wants to nurse more?

    The frequency of his nursing hasn't changed much as the quality. He latches on but doesn't really suck, just sort of flutter sucks and holds on. And when I have a let down, he sucks a little then pulls off. He doesn't really cry when nursing. Am I just worrying too much?

    Sorry for all the details! I just don't know what to do! I don't want to lose my supply as we are not ready to wean yet and I don't think that's what he's doing either. He still night nurses well and frequent and only falls asleep nursing. We have worked so hard to nurse this long and I don't want it to end so abruptly!

    Thanks for any help!!!!!

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    Default Re: teething question - HELP!

    I don't know that I can really offer any help, but I do want to reassure you that your supply will increase again when he starts nursing better.

    Teething is HARD! I was really surprised at how much unhappiness and disruption it involved. It can definitely impact a nursing relationship in unpleasant ways -- latch changes, different frequencies, etc. With us, the first-year molars were the worst -- it was like nursing a newborn again, except that newborn had teeth (!), and it took weeks and weeks for the molars to finally erupt.

    It sounds to me like your son is coping with cutting a lot of teeth very quickly, and I bet he just plain feels crummy. It's good that you are treating his pain -- on our worst days/nights, I was giving my son acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and the homeopathic Hyland's simultaneously!

    Do watch him closely for signs of dehydration, and don't hesitate to offer other liquids, or EBM, if his diapers are staying too dry or if he shows other signs of dehydration. Just persevere through the teething uglies, and if he is like my son, you'll get your happy nursling back once those teeth erupt.


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    Default Re: teething question - HELP!


    Thanks for the reassurance. I think I kind of knew the answer already. I feel, too, that on the worst days (like right now) I am medicating him all the time. But I can only imagine how 5 teeth in 4 weeks has got to hurt! The 5th tooth just popped through last night

    It is very reassuring to know that my supply should pick up. I am so worried about losing it because from very early on he NEVER would take a bottle of EBM from any bottle or even sippy cup (or spoon, syringe, etc). I felt very scared that if I ever did lose my supply we'd be in trouble! But thankfully everything has been okay. He finally nursed well for his afternoon nap, so maybe he's starting to feel better...

    Thanks again!

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