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Thread: How can I tell when he has finished one side?

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    Default How can I tell when he has finished one side?

    My DS is nearly 5 months old now. This post isn't because I'm worried, rather because I'm a bit frustrated and confused.

    DS often only drinks for a short time and then pulls off. I know babies of his age can finish the breast in 3-5 mins but often he will drink through the letdown, or part way through and then refuse to go back on or to change sides (and he's only been on for 1-2 mins). My breast will feel a bit flatter but I can't tell from feeling it whether he's had enough. 2 hours later he asks to feed again (or I offer) - do I give the same side or the other?

    I have had OALD in the past and the milk still sprays out about 30 cms during the letdown. I want to make sure he's getting the hindmilk, but I don't think block feeding is wise when I already only feed one side and I think my supply level is ok...

    How do you figure out if they've finished one side?
    Will he ever manage two sides in one feeding?
    Do you think its related to OALD and or reflux?

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: How can I tell when he has finished one side?

    Well, I would say if he pulls off during or right after let-down there is no harm in starting him on that side when he nurses next. HTH!

    Jeanne (my middle name IRL)

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    Default Re: How can I tell when he has finished one side?

    This stage of development can be oh, so tough! It sounds like his normal developmental behavior may be affecting his nursings (how often and how long). Hang in there... it shouldn't last too long. :O)

    Of course, you mentioned everything else is alright... re: # of wet/poopie diapers?

    Older babies from about the same age of 5 mos seem to always be in a distractible state... if it's not one thing that distracts them, then it's another, it seems. A lot of moms find that they need to close the curtains and lower the noise volume around them as much as possible while nursing. He may even begin to nurse at night more... Is this happening at all?

    Some other ideas might be a new perfume, deoderant, lotion, etc., that mom is using. Or, he may just be overstimulated in the afternoon and need some down time before nursing. Has anything major in his life changed? Lots of one-on-one & skin-to-skin contact is usually pretty helpful... as is continuing to offer the breast. If you need to hand express some to feel more comfortable, don't hesitate. Try different positions and places, too. A little cloth kept nearby can also help if he's distracted during your let-down.

    If baby wants to nurse again in the next hour or two, it may be helpful to offer that same breast... this will help your overactive supply... overactive let-down is different, although similar. Overactive supply and too much foremilk can be related to reflux symptoms (try to keep baby upright for about 30 minutes after a feeding). Many times, a baby can feed on only one breast just fine and both the former and latter are helped.

    Extra patience and persistence may be helpful.

    take care,

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    Default Re: How can I tell when he has finished one side?

    Thanks for the advice

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