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Thread: how to make momsicles and yogurt with BM ?

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    Default how to make momsicles and yogurt with BM ?

    My supply is decreasing drastically. baby wont take any liquids from bottle, sippy or anything else. I pump to keep up supply. But since she wont take the BM I want to make yogurt and momsicles for her....

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    Default Re: how to make momsicles and yogurt with BM ?

    Well, you can just freeze EBM in a mold or an ice cube tray for the momsicles...

    As for the yogurt, I make my own (cow's milk) yogurt with a yogurt maker that I got for $30. Just search "yogurt maker" on Amazon, there are a lot, mine is the EuroCuisine one without the timer. I've heard you can also just use a heating pad, but can take a few tries to get it right so if using precious BM I would buy a yogurt maker. All you do is mix whatever kind of milk you want to use with a big glop of store-bought unflavored yogurt (this provides the bacteria) and then put it in the maker for 8-10 hrs. If you don't want to put any cow's milk stuff in yours at all, you can buy packets of starter culture that is like a dry powder. After you have a batch, just use a little of the yogurt from the last batch to start the new batch. That's it! For my cow yogurt I scald and cool the milk before adding the culture because it makes the yogurt thicker (like the kind you are used to buying in the store), but I wouldn't do that for BM because heat breaks down some of the "good stuff" in BM.

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