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Thread: Another question - how do I know...

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    ...if she is getting milk? Sometimes I hear soft swallows, some big swallows like when you drink water really fast and sometimes nothing. Do I have to hear her swallowing?? I'm having trouble just trusting that she is getting enough. Also she falls asleep on the breast after almost every feed. She wouldn't do that if she was still hungry right?
    Sorry for the million questions! I have no idea what I'm doing and I feel like I'm going to starve her to death by trying to get her back on the boob.

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    Hi, mama! The best way to tell how much is going IN is by measuring "output", that is to say, by counting wet & dirty diapers.

    How old is your LO? Up to 6 weeks, look for 5-6 wet & 3-4 dirty per day; for older babies it's more like 4-5 wet per day and pooping anywhere from 1x/day to once every 7-10 days (baby stool patterns are very individual, and can change as well, usually just as soon as you get used to a pattern).

    BF is relaxing for baby, so many do sleep once they are full. (Very new babies may sleep sooner & need to be awakened to feed more.) But do the diaper count - if the #s are good, then everything is great!

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    PP gave good advice. As for the swallowing, you don't necessarily have to hear it. Watch the area of her jaw by her ear. It will wiggle and flex if she's actively nursing. And watch her chin and throat. It will expand sort of like a bullfrog when she's taking deep swallows. Little shallow movements indicate "non-nutritive" sucking.

    If your baby seems content and has good diaper output, good weight gain, etc., then don't fret. (She will also likely let you know if she's hungry!) If you think she's falling asleep too soon, try tickling her feet, tapping her chin, lifting her arm up and down, or undressing her to help wake her up.

    It sounds like you're doing great, mama. You'll get it all figured out and be a BFing pro in no time!
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