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Thread: Is he self weaning at 13 months??

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    Question Is he self weaning at 13 months??

    I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. DS will be 13 months next week. I work full time, and for months at the day care provider he has only been drinking half of what I pump and send (5 oz. a day total at daycare). So now I am pump weaning because I need the prep time at work. Over the last couple months the only times he will really buckle down and nurse for a real session is before bedtime, and his night time nursing sessions have been diminishing in frequency and length. Sometimes he will nurse down for naps on the weekends, but sometimes he just sucks for a bit and then tries to play or read books, so I end up just putting him in his crib after more attempts to get him to nurse and let him fuss (usually less than 5 minutes) until he falls asleep. During the day and evening he will sometimes ask, and I still offer when he seems to want milk, but will only nurse for a few seconds. It's like he's checking in, but doesn't want to eat.

    Is he weaning himself? He won't nurse much in the morning or after work, even though he usually asks...he doesn't nurse for long at all. Only at night before bed will he nurse for a decent amount of time. He is small...10th %ile for length and weight, and he eats solids OK, but never really chows down. He will drink whole milk and water in small quantities, but doesn't chug them down either. I don't think pedi is worried about his size, even though he has gone down in percentiles every visit. DH and I are both small. I just want to be sure he is getting enough to grow and be healthy. I am surprised at his disinterest in nursing at such a young age. I don't mind if he weans, but I didn't think it would be this early. Any words of wisdom??
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    Looks like our LOs are close in age. Mine was born Jan 21, 2008. Sounds to me like your son is self-weaning. My DD is also small, in the 10th % and although I haven't had to do bottles because she refused them after 5 months and I only work part-time she did self-wean herself from night feedings and has slowly been reducing everything else. We were doing AM religiously and then hit or miss at night but then we all recently got sick with a stomach flu and since then she's been more consistent with a nighttime nurse and much less interested in an AM nursing. I think all kids differ in their nursing needs and if they choose to self-wean even when you are still willing to nurse there isn't much you can do. I think you mentioned that your son is still taking some bottle and then some cows milk. Sounds like a good transition. My DD won't touch cows milk (not even with ovaltine!) and I don't know what to do!

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    Default Re: Is he self weaning at 13 months??

    I don't have any BTDT advice, but I have three sisters who have lo's older than mine. I think often around the year mark they are just soooo interested in the world around them that they can be easily distracted from nursing. They are eating and drinking other things, so the need is not as immediate as it was few months ago. I think that this is a point where you could wean your lo with a bit of encouragement if you wanted to, but I'm guessing that ifyou continue to offer, he'll likely continue to nurse a couple of times a day anyway. Lots of babies ramp up their nursing between 18mos and 2yrs as well with molars and milestones.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that it's possible he's self-weaning, but it still seems pretty young, and if he's not a champ with the solids, he may still need the mama milk.

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    I think I'm going through the same thing. I started to wean @3 weeks ago, just before my son's 1st b-day (2.16.09) - so close in age to yours-, offering cow's milk in a bottle (which he sometimes takes) and more solid food. I'm still offering breast milk at limited times, but the past 2-3 days, he has been refusing. I do think that he's been teething, which usually means less breastfeeding (I think the sucking hurts), but he has taken a bottle, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on. Of course, he can bite the bottle nipple and not mommy, and he is getting up at night (not to nurse) and is up for at least an hour at a time. I think at first he wasn't sure he liked this new phase, and it was definitely a 1 step forward, 2 step backward process, but now he seems eager to have more tastes and textures in his life. Before now, he wasn't much of a solid food eater, just some occasionally when he felt like it. But now, I think because he's older and can handle more (we started crunchy just a couple of days ago, and he tasted chocolate for the first time a couple of weeks ago), he seems ready to give up SOME of the boob. I haven't started night weaning yet because I think it will be harder on him and us, but he does seem to have cut down the number of sessions, especially when he gets more calories from solid foods during the day. I'm really, really hoping this is what's happening, because I have been terrified of the difficulty of the weaning process. If he wants to get off on his own, I welcome it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us! I hope I didn't rob your thread...
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