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Thread: Persistent Thrush

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    Angry Persistent Thrush

    My 13-month old son and I have been struggling with thrush since he was a few weeks old, on and off. I think we were treated simultaneously only once, and it didn't work. Any other time, only he's been treated or only I've been treated (my OBGYN sucked). We are getting ready to be treated simultaneously and I'm hoping it works. I just feel very alone because it seems like no one else has experienced it for as long as we have; usually people can get rid of it within a month. I'm wondering if something else is wrong. I've been tested for diabetes before and I don't have it. I really doubt that I have hiv because i've had very few sexual partners and I didn't ever have unprotected sex with anyone but my husband, not to mention I have never had thrush until I had Leo. Has anyone else struggled with it for so long? I need some company here!!

    And when I am treated, I know that I need to also sanitize everything and wash my breast pads in hot water. I'm thinking perhaps I should give up sugar as well.

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    Sorry to hear you have been struggling for so long. We had thrush in the beginning and it took about 6 weeks to get rid of it. But DD recently had a urine test done that showed a major overgrowth of yeast in her system, so we're now going on a total program to get rid of the yeast.

    Here's what we're doing, if you need some ideas (it's pretty intense):
    1. Gluten-free, casein-free diet. This is partially because of allergy concerns and partially because of the relation of those foods to yeast production.
    2. Limiting sugar.
    3. DD is taking Diflucan for two weeks, followed by three weeks of nystatin.
    4. DD is taking three types of probiotics.
    5. I am taking three types of probiotics, including one called Candida Defense that the lab has recommended.
    6. The lab has also recommended giving DD 1 tsp. of coconut oil daily. They said it has mild anti-fungal properties and is high in healthy fat.

    If you google "Candida diet" you might find some eating tips.

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    To prevent future thrush - I plan to rinse my nipples with vinegar 1x/day as some wise woman around here told me that vinegar creates an inhospitable environment for yeast.
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    I'm sorry to hear you and your son have been battling thrush for so long. You sound really frustrated with having tried to treat it for so long without relief. It's not typical for women to battle thrush for so long, but you're not alone either.

    It sounds like you have a plan for treatment now, and you're right that treating both of you at the same time is important. Here's an article about another mother who had to be persistent, as it sounds you are, to get over thrush issues. This one has a lot of detail about thrush, and I hope some of it may help you.

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