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Thread: increasing milk on 1 side?

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    Default increasing milk on 1 side?

    Hi. I have been EPing (except at night) my four month old dd for two months now because she can not seem to latch. After seeing an army of LCs, they think the problem is with her tongue since she will not bring it forward even though she is not tongue tied. Anyway, basically my left breast has shut down. That one she always bit harder and I am guessing my body just doesn't want it to be available anymore. However, it is hard to be lopsided all the time and I am not getting enough from my one breast to support her anymore ( I only get about 3 ounces a day from the left despite pumping equally on that side). Is there a way to increase milk supply on one side?

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    This link may have some information to help you:
    One idea is to continue pumping that side regularly, even though you aren’t getting much out of it. Hopefully the “demand” will stimulate production from that breast. This has worked pretty well for me in the past, although mine still produce different amounts. Also, try BFing baby on that side whenever possible, even if not much is coming out. The baby is much more efficient than the pump!
    You might also want to check into a different pump or different size breast shields, if available.
    Good luck!


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    Default Re: increasing milk on 1 side?

    you should try and pump that side longer...and when you nurse at night, you should begin each nursing session with that side...and let baby "finish" before offering the other side.
    as the pp posted, the demand should help to increase milk supply in the that breast.

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