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Thread: She's Still Hungry!

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    To add to dealing with the 3 year old as they get to that age their ability to learn about sequence and time etc you can say the feeding you do in the morning s/he gets certain activities and then the ones after lunch get these other ones and then the ones at night get a different one.... just something we do...
    example the feedings at night, if DS2 needs me, those are the times he gets to pick from these special books that are different than our regualr books and the afternoon feedins we do special coloring and art - sometimes in the a.m I'll let him watch the tv for a show to slow him down for nap time...
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    Thanks for all the great advice ladies! Just wanted to update you on our progress. Since I stopped giving baby supplemental bottles during the day, she has become more hungry, more often, and wants to feed more. It was hard at first because my milk supply couldn't keep up, but we stuck with it for a few days and the milk is picking up. Thank goodness my hubby was able to stay home all weekend and just wait on me while I let baby nurse! I also started pumping after feedings to increase milk demand/ supply and that seems to have helped. She is now feeding more often, and for a bit less time. We still do the bottles at night, but that doesn't seem to be a problem as of right now. I am also trying to work my older dd into some of the suggestions you made for her, though now that things are going better, we hopefully won't have to spend so much time feeding baby!
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