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Thread: Is something seriously wrong with me????

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    Default Re: Is something seriously wrong with me????

    what advice has your doctor given you?
    Sometimes they are way out there.......

    You might send off an email to dr newman hes an expert on breastfeeding


    there is a section on plugs on the left hand side of the web page
    its about 1/2 way down the link

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    i had an over supply as well. i was told to nurse on just one side for each feeding. If that didn't work then i was supposed to nurse on one side for two feedings. In between, i was supposed to pump a little on the other boob that he was not feeding on to prevent more clogged ducts. The evening primrose oil is supposed to help with the fat in your diet or milk to help prevent clogged ducts. i purchased it at a health food/supplement store. Here is a link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...-mastitis.html. and http://forum.baby-gaga.com/about182861.html. Keep up the good work. I feel for you. Best of wishes

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    I was told to take soy lecithin when I had recurring mastitis (5x in 3 months). I didn't get it again. I am not sure of the dosage, but it is in the big LLL book if you can find a leader I think. The lactation consultant at the hospital advised me on it and sent me the study.

    I also wanted to add to please please please get on a probiotic or start downing the yogurt. My son wound up with a ton of intestinal issues due to all of our abx use. We were on them many many times, for more than just the mastitis, but anyhow, it equaled trouble...

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    I do know of a few things that can cause mastisis.If you have oversupply issues, you might consider block feeding, feeding from one side only for a specific amount of time before switching. This will signal your body to slow down on making milk.
    I know I personally had clogged duct problems with my son and finally figured out that it was caused by wearing an underwire or to tight bra. Also, another mom in our LLL had alot of mastisis problems and she finally figured out that hers where caused from sleeping on her stomach. Don't know if this will help any, but maybe it will at least give you some ideas.
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    Sorry you're going through all this! Make sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids! Another thing to look at is why you have recurring plugged ducts. Here are a few things to look at that can be the cause:
    If you wear an under wire bra
    If you always carry a bag or purse under your arm
    If you wear a ring sling or other baby carrier
    anything else you do/wear on a regular basis that would put pressure on your breast tissue (remember breast tissue goes up onto your chest & down under your arms)

    is some more info on recurring mastitis that may help.

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    Default Re: Is something seriously wrong with me????

    It sounds like this bout of mastitis is definitely a tough one! Sorry you have to go through it again. You mention that you've gone through it a few times... That's probably more difficult to deal with. You'll get through this one, too, hopefully very soon.

    When a mom has many cases of mastitis, it' s recommended that a mom try to figure out why she keeps experiencing the mastitis. Some of the main reasons would be: Poor latch-on or just not sucking well... Consistent pressure (like from a tight bra, sleeping on your stomach, tight baby carrier, etc.)... Extra stress... Irregular breastfeeding

    There were some studies that I read not too long ago that gave these specific causes for an experienced breastfeeding mom, too. It also mentioned that if a mom doesn't *completely* recover from the infection, there's more chances of having the mastitis come back. You may even want to double check with your doctor about lecithin, an herbal type product that might help from getting recurring mastitis.

    With mastitis, massaging from the "back" of the breast to the nipple (similar to the flow of milk) while breastfeeding or pumping is a good way to keep the milk flowing.

    To help a clogged duct (no fever, pus, blood, red streaks, etc.) from becoming mastitis, many moms find the following suggestions helpful (You probably already are familiar with these techniques):

    1. Apply wet or dry heat to the affected area--gently massaging the area while it's warm, removing any dried milk secretions on the nipple by soaking in plain water

    2. Massage while area is still warm, using your hands and fingers, following the breast to the nipple area, using circular motions

    3. Nurse right after this massage

    4. Nurse frequently

    5. Loosen constricting clothing, including your bra

    6. Make sure baby is well positioned and latched on well... even older babies can change their latch

    7. Vary nursing positions

    8. Try not to miss a feeding without pumping (if baby is determining not to nurse, then this is usually a "gradual" missed feeding & not abrupt)

    9. Rest

    There are ways to get through the many bumps in the road! Hope you feel better soon!

    take care,

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    It isn't just you. I have not had mastitis but I was getting plugged ducts every other day. I take soy lecithin (4 pills a day- can buy at cvs) this made the plugged ducts go to once a week. Mine were caused by oversupply. I started feeding only on one side at a time. When my son turned 6 months my supply dropped and the plugged ducts stopped ( I have not had one in a month) It might not be anything you are doing, but just oversupply. Hang in there it does get better.

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    Default Re: Is something seriously wrong with me????

    I feel for you! Hope this doesn't sound too crazy, but whenever I have a plugged duct I massage it out with a massager (vibrator). Sounds ridiculous but it works everytime.
    for 1 year so far! Woot!

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