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Thread: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

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    Unhappy Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    YOu would think after breastfeeding 4 kids (3 of them for over a year each) I would have the hang of this. Well I do not know what to do and I am so tired and frustrated. I LOVE breastfeeding. it is my fav thing about having a baby But i have had mastitis 6 TIMES!!! and my baby is only 4 1/2 months old. He sleeps through the night and has almost tripled his birth weight he nurses exclusively and only every 3-4 hours. He is very happy and sleeps great but I am in pain almost everyday. If I don't have mastitis I am fighting off clogged ducts. Right now I am on antibiotics... again and for about 4 days I was healed I thought yeah finally and then this morning I woke up and the whole bottom of my right breast is hard and sore and I can get barely any milk out. Please help I don't know what to do. Also I have had mastitis on the same breast (in diff spots) every time but once. It is also the side I sleep on?????

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    First let me give you ! And your name is very cute. I know all about clogged ducts. They are a bummer. I did figure out that out of the two styles of nursing bras the underwire ones gave me the most problems. I always got clogged ducts with them cuz I sleep with them on. So maybe this will help you. I am not sure that I have ever had mastitis and would think that I would absolutely know when I did, right? I've had some pretty painful clogged ducts, though so I feel for you. Hope it gets better.

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    I don't have a lot of advice because I haven't been there. I know you said your lo is growing well and sleeping throught the night. But could you add a late night feed in just to help drain your breasts before bed? Also are you able to sleep on the other side at night? Are you laying directly on your breast? If you were able to sleep on your back that may help.

    Here are some links that may help.



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    Default Re: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    Ouch! isn't even close to describing it right!?!?!?

    Right there with you mama I've had mastitis 10 times!!

    For me, like pp it was underwire bras. That was with first ds. This time with ds2 it was pumping. As soon as I stopped pumping I was totally fine. And I always had to take a hot shower everyday and massage each breast in there after they were warmed from the water. That helped too but I have never heard of anyone else doing that, it just was something I thought would work for me

    This last time I had mastitis I had a fever of 103 and chills so bad my neck hurt for 3 days after the fever broke! There were 3 clogged ducts on the left and at least 5 on the right that time !!!!!

    I did use the cabbage leaf thing too when I would get clogged ducts and it works great! You take green cabbage leaves that are chilled, roll over them with a rolling pin to break the spines and place in bra. Ahhhhh! feels great! I don't know what else it does but it does make things feel better. Be careful not to leave them in after they wilt or they can supposedly make the milk dry up. Maybe another poster has more info on this? or you can look on kellymom.com.

    Good luck to you! You're a trooper, it's not easy to keep going in pain like that!
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    Default Re: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    I had to stop sleeping with a bra and I always sleep on my back now, so that there is no pressure on either of my breasts at all. You said you are getting them on the side you sleep on...it is worth a try sleeping on your back to see if that helps. I have not had a plugged duct in a month and I think it is because my milk supply has died down. This happened magically when my son turned 6 months.

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    I had tons of problems with repeat mastitis with my third son, and I tried all the home remedies, antibiotics, sleep positioning, extra pumping, but after months of mastitis and a trip to a breast specialist, the problem actually turned out to be a small cyst blocking my ducts. If you're having lots of repeat problems, it may be worth asking your doc for an quick ultrasound exam of your breast to rule out a cyst.

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    Default Re: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    I can truly say I know your pain---...my little one is 7 1/2 months and I am on my 12th mastitis (required antibiotics 3 times...fought off without the other 8).
    I got a new problem now, namely that she won;t feed on the affected side (which is what has saved me in the past). Anyway I think that sleeping on your stomach or the side has a great deal with it. I think rubbing it after some hot water and feeding on the affected side like a mad dog helps. Also (if you and your loved ones can stand it) loads and loads of garlic. It acts as a natural antibiotic. Finally, I have had a even split regarding which side the mastitis is on. Maybe the fact that you have it on the same side most often can help clue you in on what causes it for you. (mine was nipple shields and sleeping on stomach).

    Good luck

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    You are truly a trooper and I sound so strong. I had mastitis only 3 times with my dd which was 9 years ago and I quit bfing. I so regretted it because she had a lot of problems when I stopped but I was constantly in pain.
    Anyway, I get plugged ducts frequently but I think it's because I have os. I have also fought off mastitis without getting the sickness. My plugged ducts have become better because of a lot of frequent feeds. My ds who is 3 months now likes to eat, my dd didn't eat frequently and that was my problem.
    I did heat for 15-20 minutes on the side that was really painful and hard. I also had to feed on that side more frequently and lots of massages. I swear by the heat thing because I was able to stay clear of infections. I remember being in pain quite frequently early on. I think if you find the issue than you can help remedy it. I get a lot of nipple pore clogs too. Best of luck. I hope comfort comes to you soon.

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    Default Re: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    I have read that sleeping on your side can cause plugged ducts....I was sleeping on my right side for several nights and then had a few clogged ducts. I am still trying to get rid of them, but the pain is less now that I sleep on my back.

    I hope you are able to get it figured out, best of luck

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    Default Re: Repeat mastitis and clogged ducts HELP!!

    I am right there with you. My LO is 6 weeks old and I've had mastitis 3x since. Every time I stop my 10-day treatment of meds, it comes right back, and switches sides...so fun!! Anyways, my LC suggested I take a vitamin called Lethicin.
    http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vi.../lecithin.html She said it basically lubes your pipes and makes the milk come out easier. I am on my way to get some today, but thought I should pass the tidbit along. Good luck and God bless you.

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