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Thread: Back to work, not able to pump enough, and possible milk allergy...

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    Default Re: Back to work, not able to pump enough, and possible milk allergy...

    My son is having PLENTY of wet and poopy diapers daily (at least 3 poopy - and I mean full diaper, poop oozing out kind of poopy and at least 10 - 15 wet diapers daily).

    At birth (11 weeks ago today), he weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. He was 10 lbs. 10 oz when we took him to the Ped. on Friday.

    We make sure to burp after every oz; he has has problems with spit-up doctors have determined it is a bit excessive in frequency and quantity), and as a result, we make sure to burp him frequently when he eats.

    I have been storing it in 1.5 oz - 3 oz quantities. (That's how I've been pumping.) If there's 3 oz, that's all that goes in the bottle. If there's 1.5 oz, we add a second 1.5 oz (sometimes a 2 oz bag) to go with it.

    As I stated earlier, he does have a milk allergy (allergic to the proteins in milk), but the blood didn't start until I started having to supplement. Since I have switched the supplements to this special formula, all the bleeding has stopped (which was proof enough for the Ped to put "milk allergy" on his chart). He does not seem to have a problem with the little milk I intake (I have severe problems with milk as well - related to an autoimmune disease...therefore, I don't consume much milk in my diet to begin with).

    There is some mucous in his poop - the Ped said that confirmed her suspicions about the milk allgergy.

    I never realized that all that blood was normal, though... they seemed worried about it when I showed them. (He had blood in with all of his poops for a week - and it was usually bigger than a quarter sized amount of blood.) I just took what the doctor said (about that blood being a bad thing) and researched it before I accepted the diagnosis. I won't worry so much when I see all that mucousy blood anymore!


    P.S. Sorry for spelling mistakes, etc... I am typing on a 5 minute break. :P

    Married Anthony 10-28-2006
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    Default Re: Back to work, not able to pump enough, and possible milk allergy...

    Sounds like you've got everything under control, then. You've ruled out many things by your response.

    To help increase the amount a mother pumps, if an extra pumping session is added to her daily schedule, especially with baby's frequent growth spurts, this will send a message to her body that more milk is needed. Nursing as much as possible when not at work is positive. Also, pumping for about 1-2 minutes *after* the last drop of milk comes out is helpful. Making sure the pump's flange is the correct size is important... is any part of the areola touching the flange when positioned to pump?

    Attending LLL meetings can be very encouraging... many Groups have nighttime meetings for working mothers, too.

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