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    Default Does low milk supply with 1st child mean same for 2nd?

    When I had my son two years ago I didn't produce enough milk. It took about 6-8 weeks before I produced enough milk so he didn't need to be supplemented. I was pumping both before and after he nursed, taking Mother's Milk and oher herbs that my lactation consultant recommended, nursing on demand, even waking my son at night to nurse. It was hard work but it eventually paid off.

    I'm now expecting our second child and was wondering if the odds were that i'd also start out with a low milk supply and would have to go through the same process of building it up. I know its not an exact science but was just wondering what other people experienced . I'm assuming that its likely that i'll need to do the same things so i'm more or less prepared for it, but would love to know how it was for others.

    BTW, if it makes a difference i'm over 40 and was last time too!
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    Default Re: Does low milk supply with 1st child mean same for 2nd?

    I am going to venture to say that your supply was probably a-okay. Often times it is presumed that one's supply is low, though it is not.

    Assuming, though, that there were factors that may have contributed to a "low supply" (medication, health issue et cetera) unless those factors are present again, the chances are good that you'll have plenty and won't need to supplement!

    For some fun reading, before baby comes try these pages:

    Is my baby getting enough?

    Low Supply

    Low Thyroid

    The basics of supply...

    And good on ya for seeking out support and help now!
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    Default Re: Milk Supply

    Lots of mommies (including myself) eat oatmeal everyday to help with their supply. It does wonders for me.

    Remember, the best thing you can do for your supply once baby comes is to let your lo nurse as frequently and for as long as desired. A newborn should nurse between 8-12 times a day (DD2 nursed like 15 times a day when she was a newborn).

    Congrats on your pending arrival!

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    Default Re: Milk Supply

    A lot of mothers see an increase in production with a second child. It's fairly common for mothers who breastfed the first with no problem to develop oversupply and/or overactive letdown with the second.

    No one can predict what will happen for you, but just wanted to let you know that the possibility is definitely out there that your supply problems will fix themselves with the second baby. I don't see any reason why your age should be a factor . . . just read an case study about a SIXTY year old woman who had a baby (implanted embryo, not her own) in the Netherlands. Her midwives treated her exactly as they would any other mother and she was able to successfully breastfeed her baby.

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    Default Re: Milk Supply

    I just wanted to say what an awesome mom you are for going the distance with your first. You may or may not have had some issues with supply, hard to say not knowing diaper output, weight gain of LO and 24 hour nursing pattern. It can be different with each child. You will be sucessful this time too! Best of luck
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