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Thread: eating and weaning problems

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    Red face eating and weaning problems

    My son is now 9 months old, he eats several real meals a day but seems to want to nurse excessively like he's still starving after eating. I do nurse him before his meals and he still eats anywhere between 1-2 3.5 oz containers each time he's eating plus a zieback toast or biter biscuit after each meal, and I know he's getting milk cause I have the let down, I read that once a baby starts eating real food they automatically have started the weaning process, but he actually seems to want to nurse more now that he's eating real foods., am I doing something wrong here? I'm lost.

    Please help!

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    9 months is prime time for a growth spurt..
    Did he start sleeping more at night?

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    no he hasn't really. I wish he would, I might actually get some real sleep at night. He's up every 3 hours to nurse still at night, after he wakes up for his first feeding an hour after he goes to bed.

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    My daughter always wanted to nurse after eating solids. I just figured she was washing it down. Maybe the zweiback or biter biscuits make him thirsty? I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it is causing problems for you.
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    well we just recently added the toast or biscuit cause of the nursing thing to see if he was just still hungry and well we nurse before we eat and after then he drinks 4 oz. of juice during the meal time as well iI just feel like he's starving. he's also in the 25% for weight. (he reverted back to strictly nursing when he got sick and lost weight cause he's very active.)he still wants to nurse more then 2 hours out of the night as well and his doctor's getting on my case cause he's not sleeping through the night. I just feel like I am doing somthing wrong.

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