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Thread: letdown takes too long

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    i am nursing my third daughter. i nursed the older two just fine. my baby now is 5 months. all of a sudden letdown takes a really long time to happen. she gets mad and quits since letdown isn't happening. i kinda manually pump my breast to get it going but by the time it happens she is too mad and won't latch on. i'm frustrated! she will not take a bottle at all. i don't know what to do! i have a lot of milk.. just not sure why letdown is taking so long now! any ideas? thanks for any help!!

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    You could stimulate the other nipple while she's nursing. Blessed thistle is also said to help with letdown.

    Are you stressed? That can interfere.

    Sorry Mama, that's all I got for now.

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    Alot of the time my letdown takes a long time with fluctuations in my hormones depending on where my cycle is. I have been dealing with this since my LO was 3 mo old(shes 9 mo now) I also dealt w/this w/my DD2. LO has no patience so if its taking too long for her I but her binky in her mouth and do nipple stimulation and compressions to get it to letdown and then I latch her on.

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