Is child led weaning the best way? I hear this from several sources on the internet.
Just wondering how all the moms on here did wean their child?
I am a co-sleeping breastfeeding mom of a boy age 19 months and am curious as how to stop doing the breastfeeding but continue the co-sleeping. He only nurses to sleep and those are the only times I have a difficult time imagining that he will just quit. How should I get him to not want it anymore? Plus the thing is he still wakes at night to nurse although he does sleep the majority of the night he will wake crying and I have always nursed him back to sleep so if he is weaned and continues to wake during the night how will I get him back to sleep? When my father watches him when I am away at work (i dont work often though) he always rocks him to sleep but this technique doesn't work for me.