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Thread: reflux or something else?

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    Question reflux or something else?

    I read this thread already: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=65842

    I have a similar experience except there are a couple things that don't make since.

    My LO is currently 14 weeks old. Here is an example of our feeding sessions; I start her on the left breast and she will only eat for maybe 2 minutes at the most and starts moving around and pulls off and will get upset, when I try to get her back on that same side she completely refuses but is still upset. I try to burp her, she gets upset, pacifier - gets upset, but still refuses to take that left breast. So I switch over to the right breast and she will latch on just fine and start eating, but will only eat for another minute or 2 and again pulls off and gets upset. I have tried different positions for feeding and doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I am starting to wonder if she has reflux or if my supply has dropped.

    Yes she has plenty of poop and pee diapers. She has been sleeping through the night for almost a full month now and so she will go 8 hours without eating. Since my breast are so full at 6 a.m. if she hasn't awaken yet I will pump and am able to get 3-4 oz. out of each breast. When she wakes up I give her the bottle with about 7-7.5 oz. of expressed milk and she will drink every bit of it and does not complain at all. During the day I am lucky if I can get her to go 3 hours between feedings, usually she is eating every 2 hours.

    I guess I wouldn't be so worried if she wasn't getting so upset during feeding recently. Either something is bothering her or she is still hungry and I am not producing enough. Any other ideas?


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    Default Re: reflux or something else?

    When she pops off, does she cough or sound like she's choking? Is milk still squirting out of your nipple when she unlatches?

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    Default Re: reflux or something else?

    There are a lot of things it could be. Are you able to feel when you let-down? If so, does your baby pull off before or after let-down? Some babies get frustrated if it takes a few minutes for the milk to let-down and get upset. It could also be overactive let-down (the tell-tale sign would be milk spraying out when your baby pulls off). In this case baby gets mad that the flow is too fast and he can't keep up. Try searching kellymom . com (my internet is being really slow or I'd do it for you) maybe someone else can find a helpful link for reasons baby pulls off the breast...

    It's great that pees and poops are good. That is the most important thing. What color are poops most of the time?

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    Default Re: reflux or something else?

    Is it possible that she is starting to prefer the flow of the bottle rather than the sometimes slower flow from breast?

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    She does not usually cough or choke when pulling off.

    I can feel the let down and yes if milk spraying from the nipple during that time is OALD then yes I have that, but that is not when she pulls off. She can usually get past that part just fine actually, it is some time after that when she will pull off and refuse that breast...usually have more problems on the left side also which is odd. I squeezed it myself to see if milk is still coming out and it is, but maybe not as well as she would like perhaps.

    On average she gets a bottle once a day, and that is usually in the morning.

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