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Thread: Night Latch versus Day Latch

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    Hi there,

    My 11 week old son nurses about 4 times a night, at about 11, 1, 3, and 5. The only position we use is side laying because I am desperately trying to get some sleep. I have never been a person who functions well on limited sleep and this is really testing me and / or fueling what I think is a low grade case of postpartum depression. Anyway, when he latches on at night, his latch is so tight and "clampy". It hurts. I can't wait until he is done and every night, I think to myself, "Urgh...I don't like breastfeeding." Does anyone else notice a difference between night and day latches? I know I could get up and try to nurse him sitting up but then I would have to wake up / he might wake up and I don't know what would be worse? Being really really tired or bearing an uncomfortable latch?

    Thanks for your help!!!


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    Have you tried adjusting how you hold him while you are side lying? My breasts were different sizes so I had to hold my daughter a different way on one side than the other. On the left I had to prop her head up with my arm and on the other I had to let her head lie on the bed. You could also try shifting baby up toward your head, down toward your feet, tilting her head toward or away from you. Just keep trying different things and mybe you'll hit on a position that makes it more comfortable.

    You might also try latching her on while you are sitting up and then laying down wihle she is latched and see if that helps.
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