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Thread: I want to restart breastfeeding

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    Default I want to restart breastfeeding

    My son is 12 weeks old and was breastfed with some formula supplements until Xmas. I decided to wean him on to formula and now I really regret that decision. He last had a breastfeed about 3-4 weeks ago although I've pumped occasionally since them (last time 10 days ago). If I squeeze my nipples I can got drops of milk, but nothing more. I really want to breastfeed him again. He wiil latch, but lets go as soon as he realises that there's nothing there.

    Is it too late for me? I've started taking domperidone and I have a double pump. I just want to start with small goals, like pumping enough to give him one feed a day. Is that possible and how long will it take for me to achieve this. Also, is it worth me buying an SNS? I don't mind too much about going back to exclusive breast feeding as I'm going back to work in 2 months anyway, but I just want to give him some. My husband thinks I'm crazy and just doesn't understand at all

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    An SNS will help to keep him suckling at the breast longer, which will stimulate your supply much more effectively than a pump, so if it were me, I would get one.

    Good for you, getting baby back to the breast! It's good news that he will latch, so I really think the SNS is a good idea.

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    Default Re: I want to restart breastfeeding

    you can do it.
    It will take time and work but you can do it.

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