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Thread: Could these be signs of allergy?

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    Default Could these be signs of allergy?

    Hi, baby just turned 11 months. She is sleeping through the night in her crib now. I have been real lucky to have had support from employer to pump at work. But, since she is not nursing through the night, production has cut down. It is hard to pump on schedule at work too. So, I decided I would do the best I can and supplement with formula.I still give her about 5 oz BM a day in bottle. Wish it was more, but milk went down so fast. Planned on weaning at 1 year. We started about 5 days ago. Started with 1 formula bottle a day. Now I am out of back up milk so she is getting more formula. I was wondering if these signs are a reaction. She has very rosy cheeks, tonight I noticed a small rash on her tummy. And a red hiney area. She is not fussy. It has been cold here and I am wondering if face is a coincedence with wind burn. or heat rash. And red hiney is because she didn't get changed quick enough at daycare. How would I know? Change the formula type? I think I am using a different one at home than at daycare. Thank you!
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    The rash on tummy and bum sound more like diaper rash, but of course it is hard to say. If the red bum is like a "bullseye" I understand it to be a possible food allergy. I would definitely make sure you're using the same formula at home and at day care so that if you try a different one the effect will be more obvious.

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