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Thread: I think I'm done at almost 5 mos:-(((((((((

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    It sounds like you are doing all you can. Just keep nursing her when you can. Even part time bf'ing is great! Try not to stress over it (I know this is easier said than done) You are doing great!
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    it helped me to change pump flange sizes, big difference (about an ounce each time I pumped). I also used a hospital grade pump for one week to increase my output. What they told me to do was to bf, then give supplmental bottle (based on what you think is necessary or weight before and after if possible). While you are giving hte supplement pump for fifteen minutes to increase your suplly,this will also allow her to go further in between feedings which allows your milk to increase for the next feeding and eventaully she wont need to eat every 50 minutes.

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    I have to say that Fenugreek was a lifesaver! I had horrible supply problems with my first so I was worried when I had my second. He was NICU for a few days and I allowed him to be bottle fed because this ment that he was able to come home MUCH faster. This cause issues so I was having to pump and feed for the first two weeks. I just could not pump enough.... untill the fenugreek. I still take it now so that I can take one break a night and give hime a bottle and not worry about my supply. I take a TON of it. I got mine from a GNC and take about 12 pills a day. I notice a big difference if I don't get this much. If your sweat does not smell like maple syrup you are not taking enough lol. I always feel full (almost a bit uncomfortable) but I know that my ds is getting plenty... even if I skip a few feedings.

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    Hang in there mama!!! You are doing a wonderful thing for your baby! I had the same problem that you are having, but my peanut was a little younger. I tried all the oatmeal, pills, etc. that you can name that work for most people...it didn't work for me. i ended up going on Reglan, and that has worked really well for me. i am on 3-4 pills a day. They do have a tendency to make me drowsy, and around my period time, i can feel the symptoms of depression. I have heard taking fish oil pills can help offset this though. Mine has always been manageable, when I think of the alternative, which is quit bfeeding. When i think of that still, it makes me so sad. I know one day I'll have to stop, and i said that day will be one year, and it's approaching faster than i can grasp!

    I know that stressing myself over my pumping output would make my supply decrease too, so you really have to try to stay motivated and positive. Try everything else, but if you need to, it's okay to take medicine for it, too. Weigh the side effects and choose the right one, if it comes down to it. I know my stress level went significantly down when my supply came back up. I hope the same happens for you very soon! Hang in there and keep trying, you are doing a great job!
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    Thank you ladies for your help!
    I just ordered Fenugreek pills (my LLL Leader also suggested that) and will give it a try, even though I've tried More Milk Plus and have love-hate relationship with it, it doesn't seem like helping much but makes me sick and plays bad jokes on my digestive system (works as a laxative). I'm on it agai since tuesday night, so far-no changes. My LLLL said that MMP's fenugreek concentration is smaller, obviously, than in pure fenugreek seed pills. So let's see. Hopefully it won't make me live in the bathroom instead of increasing my supply.
    I would not dare taking reglan, my periods are soooooo irregular all my life, that PMSing for weeks vs days for "normal" people would be a big risk for depression. I just read side effects and no, I'm not brave enough. I think having mommy in a good mood is better for my LO. So if fenugreek doesn't help...... I guess at worst I'll stick to night nursing, that's something I can't stop, I love it, she loves it, we need it to make up for the time I'm away at work! WEll, honestly, that's me trying to calm myself down, the truth is I'm upset and kind of discouraged. I pumped twice today for the total of 4.5 oz, anothe 1 oz at home before I left (but that's after she ate from both breasts), and going now again and hate that feeling inside before I go, it doesn't leave now...Bad feeling...Discouragement. Oh well, what else can I do I don't know...
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